If you find the right balance, you will improve. That’s the ultimate goal of the 525.

Not to make you ride faster, but ride better.

Because just like Eddy, the 525 has a perfect balance of qualities.


Every bike has to have aerodynamic qualities. It’s an absolute necessity for modern bikes. That’s why when we developed the 525, we focused on aerodynamically optimising the front of the bike. The profiles used and the fully integrated cockpit achieve the best results in the wind tunnel.

Aero cockpit

Aero cockpit

Everything is nicely integrated, without making the bike unnecessarily complex when you need to assemble or repair it. We make the difference with the details.

Aero seat post

Aero seat post

Aero seat post, with an aero cover. Again, we looked for the ideal balance. There is no difficult, unnecessary system in place to clamp the seat post. It’s solid and reliable, but aerodynamic.


This is perhaps the most important lesson we learned from the EM525. The bike can be optimal when it comes to stiffness and feeling, but the weight has to be part of the equation to find the right balance. The 525 has been put on a strict diet, without losing our focus on the other two important points. The result is phenomenal: an aerodynamic all-rounder which easily comes in under 7kg.

Aero, lightweight front fork

The front fork has been thoroughly revised. It needed to perform more aerodynamically but couldn’t be too heavy. After energetic testing, our engineers came up with a perfectly balanced front fork. It performs brilliantly in the wind tunnel and on the scales.

Balanced, lightweight seat tube

The seat tube has a remarkable shape. We’ve deliberately opted for an aero seat post, but with the shape switch halfway along the seat tube, we managed to save some weight. At the same time, we made enough space for wider tyres.

Comfortable, lightweight rear stays

The seat stays are so slim, but wide at the same time. This means it can provide comfort to the rider as often as possible, but also stiffness when necessary.

Front fork
Seat tube
Rear Stays


It’s not the purpose of Eddy Merckx to specialise in some segments. That’s what other brands are made for. And that’s why we take the ‘comfort’ segment very seriously indeed. How can we integrate comfort without altering the other qualities? No special forks or dampers, but a solid carbon lay-up structure on the bike. That’s where the history of the EM525 is useful. The special rear stays give a vertical flex, but thanks to the different layers of carbon, it is horizontally very rigid. This gives extra comfort, with no loss of power.

525 Disc
525 Disc


The 525 was designed in accordance with the Merckx mindset of inclusivity. At Eddy Merckx we don’t only want to make bikes for the best riders, but for every rider who wants to get everything out of their hobby. Is it climbing the Stelvio as fast as possible? Riding to Compostela? Or just going for a ride on a Sunday with your friends and enjoying the environment? This 525 will ensure you get everything out of your ride, in every possible way.

Presenting our new 525

Oliver presents our new 525