Corsa Custom. Handcrafted, made-to-measure steel and titanium frames.

Made in Belgium

The steel Eddy Merckx bicycles gained worldwide fame in the 80s-90s due to their exceptional quality and comfort. We continue to uphold that tradition. In fact, they have been made for over 40 years by Johan Vranckx. Johan was personally chosen by The Cannibal himself from his class. Eddy visited Johan's school in search of welders. He entered Johan's classroom and asked, "Who wants to work for me?" Johan couldn't believe his ears. He immediately raised his hand. That evening, he ran home and told his parents, "I'm quitting school and going to work for Eddy Merckx."

His parents thought he was crazy and called the principal. He confirmed, "Indeed, Mr. Vranckx, Mr. Merckx came by and your Johan applied." Mr. Vranckx remained silent but agreed, and Johan was allowed to start working. Eddy sent Johan straight to training, and before Johan knew it, he was on his way to De Rosa in Italy and Litespeed in the US to learn and perfect the art of welding top-quality bicycles.

Even today, Johan still welds our steel and titanium frames.

Frames in standard sizes and custom geometry

Custom-made frames
- 100% tailored to your body
- Handmade steel or titanium
- The steel is a unique Merckx mix of Columbus Spirit HSS tubes and Columbus Xcr tubes
- Custom color and style options
- Choice between external or internal cable routing
- Frame and fork weight steel: 2.3 kg (steel)
- Frame and fork weight titanium: 2.1 kg (road version)

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