Eddy Merckx Bikes becomes a proud member of Belgian Cycling Factory

Founded in 1980 by Eddy Merckx himself, the Merckx bikes have gained a prominent role in the world of cycling and provided bikes for some of the biggest teams such as Telekom and Motorola. On Friday 23 June 2017, Race productions NV (the company behind Ridley bikes) took over bicycle brand Eddy Merckx. The synergy between the two brands must lift the Belgian cycling industry to new heights.

"We guarantee the survival and further development of this brand," says CEO Jochim Aerts. "This takeover creates a kind of cross-pollination of the two Belgian brands within our company. Our in-house R&D team will keep the Eddy Merckx bikes at the highest level, with respect for the unique identity and heritage associated with the brand and its specific designs, of course."

"This takeover will give an extra boost to the Belgian cycling industry. Merckx can become the next jewel in the crown of Bike Valley and do an even better job of representing Belgium at an international level, together with Ridley, which has been present at the WorldTour peloton for years. Belgium is acclaimed for its unique cycling culture. Thanks to riders like Eddy Merckx, the most successful cyclist of all time, we have been the home of the cycling for many years. That is why the synergy between Eddy Merckx and Ridley is such good news. Belgium, the centre of the world when it comes to cycling, now more than ever," adds Aerts.

  June 23, 2017