Merckx CC, a Gran Fondo team inspired by Eddy Merckx

They ride Eddy Merckx and wear sleek cycling apparel. They compete in European Gran Fondos and enjoy a coffee ride now and then. Meet the Merckx Cycle Club; a team of young cycling enthusiasts who are keeping the Merckx spirit alive.

Anyone who has ever ridden a Gran Fondo knows the feeling. It’s suffering on steep and long climbs, from one cobble section to the next, in bad weather or on rough terrain. As a Gran Fondo rider you know how to be perseverant. You don’t want to give in, you want to conquer the battle with your mind and body. It’s that unique feeling of accomplishment. That moment when you feel like a hero, which you are, so discover the hero within you.

That spirit of perseverance and heroism is what Eddy Merckx embodies and what is carried out by the MerckxCC.

The Merckx Cycle Club was founded in spring 2016 and currently consists of 6 team members who are riding the SanRemo76 in unique MerckxCC colors matching their outfit. Consistent with the recent rebranding, their bikes got renewed as well for the coming Gran Fondo season. Other partners of the team are B&B (cycle wear), Giro (helmets & shoes) and 100% (eyewear).

If you are riding La Charly Gaul, La Ronde Picardie or the Eddy Merckx Classic in Salzburg you will be able to meet these dedicated Eddy Merckx bikes fanatics on the road.

  July 1, 2018