A fresh start for Eddy Merckx Bikes 

Eddy Merckx Bikes is completely ready for a new future. With a total rebranding of Merckx and its race bikes, we are completely ready for this new start. Bringing back the Merckx brand at the heart of its Belgian Cycling roots with respect for its well-known past. A pure honour to the greatest cyclist of all time. 

The unparalleled career of Eddy Merckx was the source of inspiration for the brand DNA of Eddy Merckx Bikes. It is not only his achievements as the best cyclist of all time that are inspiring, but also his career as a successful race bike creator. Perseverance and authenticity form the core of the brand and are completely in line with his personality. 

The bike design was thoroughly revised with one goal in mind: the creation of a unique design identity that is premium and distinctive. A true ‘Belgian Design’ statement that is completely in function of the new brand and product identity. ‘Less is more’ was the motto used to develop this identity; nothing flashy but rather a subdued elegance, which fits perfectly with the Eddy Merckx brand DNA.

  June 12, 2018