A wink to the iconic Eddy Merckx bicycle logo 

The early years

Eddy started his factory in the year 1980. He knew that it would be important for the recognisability of his bikes to choose a logo that would represent the bikes in the best possible way. Despite the fact that Eddy knew that this would become a crucial factor for the branding of its bikes, he went to the Art and Design school in Brussels and not to a design agency. He explained the idea to create a new logo and the school let their students work on it. Eddy had the idea that the youthful enthusiasm of the students could lead to a beautiful thing to represent its bikes. A lot of students participated in the contest and they came up with the most different designs. 

A few weeks later, Eddy visited the school and would pick the logo that was the best representation for his bikes. He had 3 crucial factors in mind for the ideal logo. The logo must contain his name in function of brand awareness. The logo must contain a bike, because it was the bike that became decisive for his career and life. And last but not least: the rainbow and Belgian colours. This had to refer to his glorious victories in his cycling career. Eddy picked the logo of 2 students that saw this contest as their final work to graduate. A new brand was born. 

2008- June 2018

The typical Merckx logo, created by the 2 Belgian students, became the eyecatcher of the brand and would become a recognised logo in the industry. The logo became associated with feelings of strength and invincibility, just like Merckx himself. 

Eddy sold his factory in 2008 and the new appointed CEO was convinced that a new logo would be the start of the next chapter in the history of the Merckx bikes. This time, the company went to a renowned design agency in Brussels. The previous eyecatcher had to make place for an aggressive red ‘M’. This new logo had to increase the brand awareness and was a representation of the aggressive style of riding that typed Merckx during his career. The logo had a premium look but you could easily see the classic touch in it. 

This new logo could be spotted on the Merckx bikes of the Quick-Step team during the 2009 and 2010 season. The first year ‘Eddy Merckx’ was written in full on the downtube of the former Belgian Pro Tour (now WorldTour) team. This changed during the 2010 season in ‘MERCKX’. This to increase the visibility of the brand once again. 

The new logo could never reach the success of the old logo chosen by Eddy Merckx himself. Maybe it was too early to modernise or maybe the old logo was too integrated in the mindset of the Merckx riders. 

The Belgian Cycling Factory chapter

The acquisition of the ‘Eddy Merckx’ brand by Belgian Cycling Factory was the ideal timing to take the Merckx brand back to what it once was and still is in the international cycling industry. A new logo to make the rebranding of the Merckx bikes complete. A logo that should be an introduction of the future of the Merckx bike. A logo that is, beside a brand, also the representation of a generation riders who want to keep the Merckx legacy alive and kicking. And a logo for a new generation of riders who feel inspired by the achievements of the greatest cyclist of all times.

An homage to the old logo and a tribute for the incredible career of Eddy Merckx, this with a keen eye on the future. Modern heritage; this is how we see the new Merckx logo. As an answer to every Merckx rider who feel nostalgic about the past and to every Merckx rider who is curious to discover the future.  

The new Eddy Merckx Bikes logo and icon are completely in line with the new bike design. Its new style reverts back to its roots, without going retro. It is instead a modern day version of the iconic Eddy Merckx bicycle brand, where its rich history is solidly retained.

  June 11, 2018