Steel is real! 3 new Corsa models available

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The Corsa bikes acquired a rock-solid reputation over the years. In the 1980s, the Eddy Merckx steel bikes were considered the best available on the market. Now we produce them on a larger scale.

Eddy Merckx steel bikes gained world fame in the 80s-90s for their exceptional quality and comfort. Today we present the new generation, available in three models:

1. Corsa Mendrisio: the road bike
2. Corsa Pévèle: the all-road bike
3. Corsa Strasbourg: the gravel bike

The Corsa bikes are performance-oriented bikes made from high-quality materials. To ensure your best cycling experience ever. Each of these three models is available in five sizes; from XS to XL. Their geometry is similar to that of their carbon counterparts.


As usual, the Corsa bikes are made with Columbus tubes, the benchmark in the world of steel bikes. A mix of Columbus Zona and Columbus SL tubes is used. The SL in Columbus 'SL' stands for 'Supper Leggera', or super light. It is the most famous Columbus set, designed for high performance. They are double butted seamless tubes that are cold-worked.

Columbus Zona tubes, in turn, are very strong and durable: they have excellent resistance and are reliable. Yet the weight of this type of tubes is relatively low, resulting in the ideal balance between weight and strength. The steel consists of Triple/Double butted 25CroMo4 alloy seamless tubeset.

Made in Belgium

For more than forty years, Eddy Merckx Bikes' steel and titanium frames have been welded by master welder Johan Vranckx. He was picked out of his own class by 'the Cannibal' at the time. Johan learned the tricks of the trade at De Rosa in Italy and Litespeed in the US. He welds the Corsa bikes in his workshop near Brussels. Afterwards, they are painted and assembled into the finished bikes in our factory. So the production process is 100% Belgian craftsmanship.

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