Strasbourg Carbon

Gravel - vanaf €2,999.00

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Our Strasbourg is an ode to an unforgettable stage victory in the 1971 Tour de France in which Eddy Merckx confirmed his class during a sprint against Roger De Vlaeminck on a dirt track.

The Strasbourg C is made for extremely challenging terrain. The right companion for rough and tough off-road rides, this bike is ready for anything. It is designed to go out, explore the world, discover new gravel roads and create new memories.

Mountain bike worthy

The Strasbourg has a large tyre clearance: tyres up to 48 mm fit on it. And it is possible to opt for a suspension fork. With such a setup, the bike will digest even the toughest singletrack.

Ready for anything

The Strasbourg is surprisingly versatile: with cleverly placed mounting points for mudguards and panniers, you can fully customise your bike: as a fast gravel bike, for bikepacking or for commuting.

Features include:
  • 3 attachment points on the down tube, allowing you to choose whether to mount your water bottle higher or lower on the frame. If you mount the water bottle low, there is more room for a bikepacking bag inside the frame.
  • 2 attachment points on the top tube
  • 2 attachment points at the bottom of the bike for an extra water bottle or equipment
  • Attachment points on the front and rear fork for easy mounting of mudguards
  • 3 attachment points on both sides of the front fork

Adventure gravel geometry

The geometry of the Strasbourg C is designed to handle the most challenging gravel rides. The low centre of gravity gives the bike a very smooth and controlled ride, allowing you to tackle rough terrain with confidence.

Strasbourg Carbon

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