Eddy Merckx builds race bikes for cyclists who dare to step outside the box. For those with a strong personality, who strive to be truly unique.

The DNA of these unique racing bikes stems from the most unique cyclist of all time: Eddy Merckx. His track record, his 525 victories, his personality, his perseverance, his authenticity and his endearing benevolence. These are the elements that define the “extraordinary” in every Eddy Merckx racing bike. Each bike that bears the Eddy Merckx name is truly unique. Every model tells its own story, each linked to a special victory of his. Each victory unique.


A unique brand deserves a distinguished logo and symbol. That’s why the new logo gives a modern vibe, but is clearly respecting the past; the rich history of the Merckx bicycles factory and Eddy’s cycling career. But, most of all, this logo is showing eagerness. Ready to step, open minded, into the future. The Eddy Merckx bikes are radiating this unique design that is premium and distinguished. The bikes have a Belgian Design statement, completely in line with this new brand and product identity, called ‘Modern Heritage’. The base line during the development of this new style: ‘Less is more’. Discrete and modest, but unique and powerful at the same time. It’s the perfect reflection of Eddy’s personality. Last but definitely not least: Eddy Merckx is back. The name, in full, is finally again beaming with pride on every frame.

We prefer choosing our own launch dates rather than fall in line with the classic model years. We also refuse to jump on fads or rush production simply because the big boys are launching. We’re more like your local grocery store that prefers selling in-season, local products. Selling only when the time is right. Not sooner, or later.