Boundless cycling appetite

Eddy Merckx Bikes creates bicycles for adventurers who are hungry for more, both on and off the bike. Just like the Cannibal.

Our bikes are designed for maximum cycling pleasure. Unparalleled in the balance between performance, comfort, and aesthetics. Whether it's road bikes, all-road bikes, or gravel bikes.

Our DNA stems from the most unique cyclist of all time: Eddy Merckx. His achievements, his personality, and his determination. Each model tells its own story, each linked to a special victory.

Every Eddy Merckx bike that leaves the factory is a symbol of Belgian craftsmanship. Intended to get the most out of every ride, wherever your bike takes you.

Eddy Merckx is part of Belgian Cycling Factory. The bikes are designed and manufactured in Beringen, Belgium.

Expert in road bikes since 1980


Two years after the end of his professional career, Merckx decides to manufacture steel racing bikes himself. He apprentices under Ugo De Rosa, the Italian former professional cyclist who had been producing bikes for Merckx for many years. Ugo passed on his knowledge to Eddy and assisted in training the initial employees of Merckx. These first employees were mostly Eddy's former teammates. The initial frames produced by Eddy from his factory in an old farmhouse in Meise were primarily made of steel. Later, aluminum, titanium, and carbon bikes were also added to the collection.

Early successes

Eddy Merckx Cycles immediately becomes the bike supplier for Marc-IWC-VRD. Jos De Schoenmaecker and Ludo Loos each win a stage in the Tour just a few months after the team's establishment, riding blue Eddy Merckx bikes.


Eddy Planckaert achieves an impressive stage victory in the 1986 Tour on a blue and white Merckx. Eric Vanderaerden wins the green jersey and adds Paris-Roubaix the following year.

Tour of Flanders + Green jersey

ADR - Mini Flat - IOC also opts for Eddy Merckx bikes, resulting in success: Eddy Planckaert wins the Tour of Flanders and secures the green jersey in the Tour de France. Over the years, many teams continue to rely on Eddy Merckx Cycles as their bike supplier. America is also convinced with 7-Eleven.

Rainbow jersey

Lance Armstrong becomes world champion in Oslo on an Eddy Merckx bike and wears the distinctive blue-white-red Merckx rainbow jersey for a year.

Vlaanderen 2002 - Eddy Merckx

Vlaanderen 2002-Eddy Merckx is founded, and naturally, Eddy Merckx Cycles supplies the bikes. The two parties continue to collaborate for three decades, launching numerous Flemish talents and remaining a successful duo in 2024 under the name Team Flanders-Baloise.

Scandium bike

Peter Van Petegem wins the Tour of Flanders on an Eddy Merckx bike. His vehicle is made of scandium, a metal also used in aerospace. Scandium is as sturdy as aluminum but lighter. His bike refers to this with the chemical symbol 'Sc'. The bike later ends up in exhibitions. Van Petegem then wins Paris-Roubaix a week later.

30th anniversary

Tom Boonen and his Quickstep-Innergetic teammates also enlist the services of Eddy Merckx Cycles. The 2010 Tour is something special. Just after the 65th birthday of the great patron, Sylvain Chavanel rides in the yellow jersey on a yellow bike through Meise, where the bike factory was opened exactly 30 years earlier. Especially for the Tour, the EMX-7 is launched, the most modern and advanced racing bike from the brand to date.

New owners

Belgian Cycling Factory, the company behind Ridley and Forza, becomes the owner of Eddy Merckx bikes. This keeps Eddy Merckx bikes in Belgian hands. They are developed and manufactured in Beringen.

Return to the WorldTour peloton

Fifty years after Merckx's first Tour victory, the Tour starts in Brussels. With AG2R, a WorldTour team is again riding Eddy Merckx Bikes in the professional peloton. They use the aerodynamic Eddy Merckx 525 and the all-around Stockeu69, among others.

Return after the coronavirus pandemic

After the coronavirus pandemic, the Merckx range is further developed. Gravel bikes and all-round bikes are added to the collection in carbon, aluminum, and/or steel. Additionally, Corsa, the handcrafted steel and titanium bikes, is further expanded.

About Belgian Cycling Factory

Belgian Cycling Factory is the largest cycling company in Belgium. With our brands Ridley and Eddy Merckx, we aim to play a leading role in the cycling world, just like our Belgian cyclists have done throughout cycling history. For more information, visit
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