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525. That is the number of victories Eddy Merckx achieved in his career. This bike is a tribute to Merckx's insatiable hunger to win.

Our 525 is ready for his next victory. This bike is the optimal balance between weight, aerodynamics and comfort. It is fast and snappy and made to go fast. It is the favourite weapon of the pros of the UCI ProTour Team Flanders - Baloise.

The front of the bike is stiff and aerodynamic due to the integrated cabling and aero handlebars, while the seat stays with their recognisable curves ensure maximum ride comfort. This results in a performance-oriented and responsive bike that guarantees a smooth ride.

Faster and cleaner

The fully integrated cable routing has multiple benefits. The biggest performance benefit comes from improved aerodynamics, because there are no cables disturbing the airflow. Moreover, the cables are hidden and tucked away, so they don’t interfere with accessories like handlebar bags. Lastly, it makes for a beautiful, clean cockpit.

Optimal power transfer

The distinctive s-curved seat tubes of Eddy Merckx improve comfort and compliance while ensuring optimal power transfer and stiffness. This seat tube design is characteristic of Eddy Merckx bikes, contributing to their unique look and feel.

Built for performance

The 525 frame set was designed with aerodynamic performance in mind by using aero optimized tube shapes, a fork crown integrated into the down tube and a single piece aero cockpit. The aero seat post is held in place by an internal seat post clamp. The high-end carbon fiber lay-up used in this frame brings the weight down despite all aerodynamic features.

Perfectly balanced

The 525 is fast and feisty. And it is perfectly balanced. At the front of the bike, the focus is on stiffness and aerodynamics, in part due to the aero handlebars with integrated cable routing. The S-shaped rear fork, on the other hand, provides extra comfort during long rides. For the frame, we use Ultra High Modulus Carbon: extremely stiff carbon for optimal performance.
Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 - 2x12
Sram Force Etap AXS 2x
SRAM Force eTap AXS - 2x12
SRAM Rival AXS Road (48/35) – 2x12
Shimano 105 DI2 // 2x12s
A 760/810 785/835 810/860 835/885 860/910
B 470 495 520 545 570
C 526 544 566 587 603
D 127 150 174 204 228
E 74 73.5 73 72.5 72.5
F 71.5 73 73.5 73.5 74
G 410 410 410 413 413
H 68 66 66 63 63
I 980 982 992 1012 1022
J 781 810 835 863 889
REACH 375 382 390 398 406
STACK 525 550 575 601 625
CRANK 172.5 172.5 172.5 172.5 172.5
BAR 90-400 100-400 110-420 110-420 120-440
STEM 90-400 100-400 110-420 110-420 120-440
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