Pévèle Aluminium

All-Road - vanaf €1,828.00

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The Pévèle is an ode to Eddy's 3 victories in Paris-Roubaix. 

The Pévèle A is the aluminum version of the Pévèle, with a carbon fork. Aluminum is more budget-friendly than carbon and lighter than steel.  Compared to steel, aluminum has more rigidity, resulting in more direct handling. 

The geometry of the bike strikes a balance between direct steering and comfortable handling.

For the Eddy Merckx aluminum frames, we use a 6061 alloy, more specifically the T6 variant. With the magnesium and silicon alloy elements we create an extremely strong and light frame. Together with hydroformed tubing and the necessary connection points for a luggage carrier and mudguards this is the perfect multi frame.

Heritage design

   Our steel and aluminium bikes are modern bikes with a retro touch. this is particularly evident in the colour scheme for the paintwork, and in the vintage Eddy Merckx logo.

Tyres up to 45 mm

On the Pévèle A, you can fit tyres up to 45 mm.

Easy to adapt to your needs

    • 3 attachment points on the inner tube: These allow you to mount your drinking can (or bottle cage) at different heights on the frame. If you mount it lower, it leaves more space for a bikepack bag on the inside of the frame.
    • 2 attachment points on the top tube: These could be used for mounting accessories, such as a small bag or a tool kit.
    • 2 attachment points at the bottom of the bike: These are likely for attaching additional canisters or materials, possibly for carrying extra gear or supplies.
    • Attachment points at the front and rear fork: These make it easy to mount fenders, which help protect you and the bike from mud and water while riding in wet conditions.

Pévèle Aluminium

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A 760 805 835 865 895
B 420 465 495 525 555
C 525 540 565 585 600
D 115 135 160 190 215
E 74.5 74 73 73 73
F 70.5 70.5 71 71 71
G 430 430 430 430 430
H 73 73 73 73 73
I 1018 1029 1039 1060 1071
J 478 509 535 562 578
S 543 563 587 616 641
R 374 379 386 397 404
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