The difference between the Pévèle and the Strasbourg: which bike suits you best?

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Are you intrigued by the gravel hype but still unsure whether to buy the Pévèle or the Strasbourg? Then let us guide you.

First and foremost, there's the difference in bike family. The Pévèle belongs to the 'all-road' segment: it's designed to excel both on the road and on gravel paths. When you mount road tires on the Pévèle, you can effortlessly tackle tough challenges on asphalt. If you use gravel tires, you have a gravel bike that loves agile and fast routes. In other words, if you're looking for that one bike in your garage that makes all other bikes unnecessary, then the Pévèle is the right choice.

The Strasbourg, on the other hand, is a thoroughbred gravel bike: it feels at home on unpaved surfaces and loves the heavier work. It's the ideal companion for adventures on forest paths, field trails, and sandy stretches.


The difference between the two bikes is evident in the geometry. The Strasbourg has a lower bottom bracket height and longer chainstays, giving you a more comfortable feeling. The head tube angle on the Pévèle, on the other hand, is higher, for a more aggressive riding style. In terms of geometry, the Pévèle leans closer to a road bike, as it's also active in this terrain. The Strasbourg's geometry resembles that of a mountain bike, where agility is more important than reactivity.

Another important difference is the tire clearance of the bikes. On the Pévèle, it goes up to 40 millimeters with a single chainring setup and 38 millimeters with a double chainring setup. That's sufficient for the majority of off-road challenges, especially in dry conditions. When riding on the road, you can install regular tires without losing much in aerodynamics. The Strasbourg accommodates tires up to 48 millimeters, resulting in maximum comfort and optimal stability.

Freedom of Choice

Furthermore, the Strasbourg is also highly suitable for bikepacking. With three mounts on the downtube, two attachment points on the top tube and bottom of the bike, and another three mounts on both sides of the fork, you have all the options to install panniers, a toolset, and bottle cages. The Pévèle also has plenty of attachment points, but unlike the Strasbourg, not on the fork.

You can also further customize both the Pévèle and the Strasbourg with lighting through internal cable routing for a dynamo hub. It's also possible to install mudguards on both bikes, so you can stay dry on days when splashing water is unavoidable. Using the online configurator, you can build these bikes entirely to your own preference and choose the colors, groupset, wheels, and tires you want!

In summary, the Pévèle is the best choice when you're looking for a bike that can ride both on the road and on gravel. Meanwhile, the Strasbourg is for you if you're seeking a stable, thoroughbred gravel bike for the most challenging gravel adventures.

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