Pure Speed on the 525, or the All-Round Ride Feel on the Mendrisio?

The 525 and the Mendrisio are the two road bikes in our range. In terms of looks, they are similar, but there are indeed differences between the two: the 525 is our 100% performance bike. Riders of Team Flanders-Baloise also ride this bike, while the Mendrisio focuses more on endurance and versatility. What exactly are the differences between these two bikes? We’ll explain it for you!

The 525 is Eddy Merckx's top model. The first version saw the light in 2017 as the EM525. The background of the name is easy to find: 525 refers to the number of victories the Cannibal achieved in his career. The 525 is therefore a bike for winners.

The Mendrisio also refers to our namesake. In 1971, Eddy Merckx became world champion for the second time in the Swiss municipality. It was the year he first competed for the iconic Molteni team. That year he also won the Tour, though some claimed his victory was largely due to Luis Ocaña's crash. The Cannibal silenced his critics by winning the sprint against Felice Gimondi in Mendrisio after Spartan training in Tuscany and Lombardy.

Images of the Mendrisio:

Geometry and Carbon Composition

Both the 525 and the Mendrisio refer to the exploits of their namesake and are both made for pure road rides. The geometry of both models is similar, but there are four major differences. First, the slope of the top tube is different. Second, the Mendrisio has a round seat post, which is less stiff than the D-shaped seat post of the 525. Third, the 525 is made from Ultra High Modulus carbon, providing excellent stiffness and low weight. The Mendrisio, on the other hand, consists of High Modulus Carbon, which offers more comfort. Fourth, the frame design of the 525 focuses on optimized tube shapes for the best possible aerodynamic performance. This aspect is less emphasized in the Mendrisio.

Images of the 525:

Various Options in the Configurator

Our configurator also allows you to choose your bike in your favorite colors, but there’s more… For instance, with the 525, you can opt for the 'More Color' design with two main colors, a possibility that is not available with the Mendrisio. These differences continue throughout the rest of the configurator, starting with the groupsets. For example, with the 525, you can choose the prestigious Shimano Dura-Ace setup. The wheel selection depends on the chosen groupset, with several high-end wheelsets available for the 525 and more comfortable models for the Mendrisio. While you can choose a set of DT Swiss E1800 wheels for the 525, the Forza Norte DB set will appear with the Mendrisio.

Furthermore, the 525 can only be built with an aero cockpit, the fastest model where all cables are hidden. The Mendrisio offers more choices, as with certain groupsets you can also select a traditional handlebar. If you choose Shimano 105 or SRAM Rival, the Superbox Kit will appear among the options. For saddles, the Mendrisio offers the very comfortable Selle Italia SLR Boost Carbon Superflow with Shimano Ultegra Di2 or SRAM Force. Lastly, the Mendrisio is suitable for tires up to 30 millimeters, while the 525 plays it safe with tires up to 28 millimeters, though some tire brands are also possible up to 30 millimeters.


In summary, the 525 stands for optimal power transfer: not a single watt is lost. Stiffness, speed, aerodynamics, and the best carbon are the key words here. With the Mendrisio, we go for versatility, comfort, and an optimal riding feel, while still maintaining considerable speed. Have you made your choice yet?
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